Livestock Price and Production Tables: Changes Abound

It would not be a new year without changes from yours truly. As always, nothing is done without careful consideration and I hope that the updates are useful for everyone. Please let me know if you have any trouble or suggestions. And, as I’ve said in the past, please feel free to provide feedback (good or bad) on the information I provide.

While the changes are still in the works, the first to roll out is a new set-up for the “Livestock Price and Production Tables” (not all price data is available at the moment but should be incorporated soon — missing items are the regional cattle auction markets, hay prices, and fertilizer prices). These can now be found at this link.

This format will allow me to incorporate more information (when time permits). For example, graphs will be added which give a quick, easy reference for current prices compared to historical values. Also, the historical data are in the other sheets for easy access. As noted, more is on the way… Stay tuned!

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Full link to Livestock Price and Production Tables:


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